being a newly wedd.

so this is the time of my life that I get to enjoy the "newlywedd bliss" (so they call it). I was thinking this morning what exactly is the "newlywedd bliss"? I think it's

1. smiles, laughs, & jokes together
2. hanging pictures of OUR SELVES all over our apartment (I call it "the wall of vain")
3. giving him a kiss with shaving cream on his face
4. cooking dinner together and eating most of our meals together
5. falling alsleep in his arms while watching Titanic
6. him complimenting me on my "frumpy" looking day
7. coming home to him each day :)

we'll at least that's been my experience with "newlywedd bliss"...

it's been 2 weeks & 6days...................... and counting


  1. "I promise to love you forever...Every single day of Forever" -twilight

  2. haha... I had to laugh about your #2 comment. Cory and I always thought it was ridiculously funny too, to be putting pictures of ourselves up all over our house. :) I'm so excited that you get to experience this newlywed bliss. It is truly wonderful, isn't it?! :)