Sunny Day

Dear Self,
It is little momens like today when you know you are a tool in gods hands. It is the "warm fuzzies" you feel in your heart, and make you think a happy thought and put a smile on your face.
Saturday I felt a warm fuzzy in my heart and it was a moment that brought me to smile. A client of mine came into the salon to get her hair washed and styled. She is an older lady who lives in the River Meadows live in center up the street. She lives so close she just walkes to her appointment and last week she came by herself. I was given instuctions on this particular day to walk her home because her grandson was worried about her.
After I finished with her hair style I told her I was going to walk her home and she replied "my granadson worries about me too much", and we just smiled at eachother. I opened the door for her as we walked side by side out the door and to her stay. I asked how her husband was (he also lives with her at the live in center) and her reply was " I'm worried about him because he has alzheimers" I thought it was cute because she also has alzheimers. (note: I have another cute story about this lady and her husband and if I remember I'll blog about it later.) A moment later she grabed onto my hand and simply looked me in the eyes and gave me a smile. It touched me. The rest of the way home was mostly just silent with her still holding my hand. As I said good bye and let her go inside she told me she will be back next week that same day and time for me to do her hair.
The fact of the matter is not that I was sent to her to help her home, but that she helped to put a smile on my face and a good feeling in my heart. Always remember those sunny days we have in our lives and the "warm fuzzies" in our hearts.

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  1. That's so cute! I want to come to your salon sometime! How are things? Want to get together soon?