My First Barefoot Run

Recently during family gatherings barefoot running comes up often in discussions. More now than ever due to the fact that my brother, sister in law, and father have all read the book I believe is called Born To Run. So this morning I decided to hop on the ban wagon and try it out for myself. I guess now is as good of a time than ever to confess I am not a great runner, lately I run once every two weeks and when i do it's usually just a couple miles, but still I find to have a great interest in barefoot running.
So off I went to start new adventure. I have to say I didn't mind it, and I actually kind of liked it. I probably got a couple of second glances form those I passed by. I went 3.12 miles and .4 of that was on grass. I may have had a couple close encounters with animal dropping on the grass, and some not so graceful times when I would step on a rock and hobble for the next couple steps, or the 6 times I stubbed the same second toe on my left foot (thanks dad for passing on the long second toe to me), Im sure someone driving by in their car saw it happen and could see the irritated look on my face, and must of thought why I was running bare foot in the first place.

I got blisters on both my big toe's where my red nail is pointing at.
I'll need more training and practice to be able to make barefoot running common in my life. My feet are sore so i'll try easing into it more. Have any of you tried barefoot running? What did you think? Any suggestions for me?

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