large format camera

So I may have already mentioned this, but I transferred out of my painting class into a photo 2 class. To my surprise it is a large format (4 by 5 inch negatives) black and white film class. I am actually so so excited for this class and to develop my own film since I haven't done that since high school.

So this week I went out on my first attempt to take some photos. I didn't correctly expose my first two photos, which I didn't know till after the matter, and I sure do hope the other four turn out okay. 

I also took some digital photos of the experience so here are some to share with you!
I know i have the cutest husband in the world, and Im sorry but you can't have him.
Oh yes, and I colored my hair a few days ago, so it's dark! the darkest it's ever been. I love the color, but I'm still not used to it on me. 

Have any of you used a large format camera before? I am up to any advice you have for me since I am unexperienced on the matter.

Hope you are having a seriously fantastic day and loving your life as much as me right now. I love getting to spend time with my Husband!

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