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Tonight Husband and I went to a ward dinner/carnival where I indulged on some cotton candy, after eating about half way through it I realized It wasn't as good and I remember it being as a kid, and that it basically just consisted of sugar and food coloring. Needless to say I was a tad bit disappointed.
On the way home after dinner I tried to explain to Husband that I used to think sugar cured head aches. I was probably around the age 8-10 when one day I had a bad headache, and followed it by eating lots of candy cause I thought it would make me feel better and give me energy, when really all it did was make my head ache much worse. 
Then of course not long after returning home I got a headache. Im going to assume it was the cotton candy and that I consumed too much sugar tonight. I have to admit I have a major sweet tooth and love most things candy or dessert, but I think I'm taking cotton candy off of my list. I assume it's more appealing to children, why do I have to be growing up?

      scarf: from grandma            
      sweater: american eagle      
      boots: forever young shoes 
   pants: target
   shirt: thrifted

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