Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Okay I can't lie, until about noon today I felt like the Grinch. Since Christmas break started for me ( which was last friday after I was all done with finals) we have had two completely ruined blown out tires, our blinkers stopped working on one car, a break light went out, and the other car has a problem with starting 50% of the time. So you might be able to image how I felt when my husband called me about ten minutes after leaving for work to tell me about tire #2 being blown out. Two tires in three days, Iv'e never had even one blow out before, so you can imagine my surprise. And I can only hope I'm now done with that for the rest of my life.
Well I probably did some complaining to my husband, of course his response to me is that it won't help any, and to think of what others are going through "Me for example" he said "at least you didn't have to change the tire." and he's right, I just came to bring him his jacket and gloves since it was snowing outside. Even though I try to talk myself through it and think about how things could be worse, or how I know others who actually are going through worse, I just can't help from wishing life was easier sometimes, especially around this Holiday, the number one time of the year when I should be grateful and cheery, but instead I'm worrying about stupid cars.
I have much to be grateful for and should be thanking my Father in Heaven for the blessings I do have. For example my sweet Husband who loves me even when I am being a grinch, and takes care of me when I'm sick. My family and the much support and love they give to me and my husband. We couldn't be who or where we are today without them. A roof over our head, food at every meal, and healthy strong bodies. And most of all the truth about the gospel and blessed to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and our knowledge of the son of God and his miraculous birth and his humble death. Our savior who suffered everything for us, and has an infinite love for all of us. The true meaning of the season is to remember him, try to be like him, become selfless and serve those around us who need help, their is always someone who has it worse than we do.
It still may be hard for me, but I promise to try and look for the good in life instead of getting frustrated when unexpected things happen. Besides why let it ruin my Christmas? Like Husband told me, complaining isn't going to help anything, in fact it will most likely only make it worse. So have a Very Merry Christmas everyone.

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