Our Pearce Family Christmas Letter of 2011

Dear Friends and Family,

This is our first official Christmas / New Years letter. This past year for us has been wonderful, busy, but great. Both of us have been attending classes at UVU full time, all year around.

I am studying fine arts and photography, and this year has been great. I started taking photography classes in the summer, and this last semester I took a large format black and white film class. I really have fallen in love with photography and can't wait to learn more about it and become better. I have enjoyed other art classes along the way such as interior design and water color.
Besides school I have been working part time at a salon in Alpine, but on the first of January I will be moving to Relik Salon on Main St. in American Fork, UT. I am stoked about the move and hope everything will go smoothly. Im grateful I have a job that I love so much. In my spare time I enjoy painting, crafting, and getting new ideas from pinterest. 

Andrey has been working hard in his classes at UVU, and has maintained a high GPA. I am proud to announce that he got into BYU and will be starting there next semester. I'm slightly sad that we won't be in any classes together anymore, but it is a great accomplishment for him. He is studying computer engineering (which is way over my head) and has been my personal math tutor since Iv'e been back in school. He enjoys playing basketball occasionally with members from our ward. 
He has been a great supportive husband and I'm counting my blessing for having him. In his free time he likes to explore his computer and has been playing around with photoshop, making web sites, and also re-recording some songs from his high school band. He is a hard worker and eager to learn more about his major. 

The both of us are extremely thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ and being able to spend time with our family's. We thank our Father in Heaven for our many blessings,  and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas, and of course a Happy New Year!

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