Monday, Monday

This morning was nice, I got to sleep in and looks forward to a pretty much open day. I did some laundry, took some pictures, Edited some pictures, watched the movie PROM (by myself, it just came out on netflix, and I was kind of excited about it), made a few items of jewelry, when out to lunch with Tessa, Kyrsten, and Annie. Three of my best friends who each inspire me and are such wonderful people.
And since it's monday I watched the bachelor with some other great people! I just recently got converted to watching it a few weeks ago, I don't think I would watch it by myself at home, but being with great company and 15 other girls make it worth it.

Oh and in case your wondering about the pictures above, while I was drinking my juice this morning I saw the reflection of the cup design in my juice, so why not capture the moment and share it with you!?


  1. I have those exact same cups in my apartment! I love them!! my husband and I sort of inherited a bunch of my his aunts' old dinnerware, and I kind of love it.
    so yeah, that's my random blog stalker-y comment. thanks for blogging, your post was super happy and I loved it!
    - Rachel

    1. Unfortunately I only have one of these cups, I wish I had more of them! Thanks for your comment!