DIY glitter animal

DIY: Glitter Animal (or basically whatever you want)
I thrifted this little elephant last week, and I really liked it, except one of it's ears had been broken off and you would see that it had been glued back together.
So I decided to fix it up, first I was just going to paint it a fun color, until the thought popped into mind that I wanted it to be all glitter and glam.
So heres what I did...

1. Since it was kind of a polished wood I lightly sanded it to give it more grip.
2. The only supplies you need are,
-something to glitter
-Mod Podge
-a not so great paint brush
- glitter!!! (I used a very fine glitter on mine)
3. As you see below I would start by putting Mod Podge on one section, then pour glitter over the we Mod Podge, and work my way all section by section till its finished.
4. Then after it's finished and completely doused in glitter let it sit for a few minutes till all the Mod Podge is dry. When it's dry you will go over the glitter and cover it in another layer of Mod Podge only.
Example below. It will look white at first, but then it will dry clear and be beautiful!
TADA! My new fun shelf decoration, and my husband even likes it (that's an extra bonus)!
Don't be afraid to try something else to glitter, like glass & plastic. I also have done this to small glass bottles and other plastic animals. You could say I'm a bit obsessed with glitter this week :)

If you get to try this DIY out let me know how it went!

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  1. That turned out super cute! I am now trying to rack my brain of something I can glitter up in my house= or maybe for Madison. :) You are so stinkin' creative!