Last week my brother and his family moved to Louisiana. He landed an amazing job, which I couldn't be more proud of him for, but sad for us (we are selfish and wish they didn't have to move so far away). The last week before they left however I got so many opportunities to be with their kids and spend some much needed play time to soak up all of their login before they left.
I LOVE those boys so much. When one of them out of the blue says "Caitlyn, I Love You" it makes me the proudest aunt alive and melts my heart a lil bit.
Feeding the ducks at the Provo duck pond. Their were cute little baby ducks. Olie didn't quite understand that you couldn't just feed the duck the whole piece of bread at once, and they both liked to point out when a duck ate the piece of bred they threw to it, as if it were a big accomplishment. The best part was watching Carter chase the ducks back into the pond, and even got to chase some chipmunks(or squirrels) around too.

Olie hung out with the big kids one night and we play wii bowling. Making our characters was probably the best part Olie picked himself out some sweet sunglasses and a ha for his character to wear... But Andrey's was/is the best. As you can see below I think it's so amazing how much it actually resembles him. We were all proud of it! 

Andrey and I had our first experience with having a carseat (and child) in the back of our car. It's kind of weird taking my nieces and nephews places and knowing that everyone around my thinks it's my child when in reality it's not. It's like playing grown up house. Anyways, he's just so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture of him sleeping.

While most kids like to eat McDonalds, Carter and Olie like the toys and to play in the play place. It's kind of awesome actually. They certainly tired us out crawling around in the play place and trying to follow them. I don't fit in there like I used to.

Sad to see you leave, but I'm sure your new home is nice too. I miss you all already. xoxo

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