Smile at the Simplicity in life

Last night I wanted to document the day I had, it being the fourth of July and all. But I was too tired to write a whole bunch in my journal. So I made a list of ten good things about my day, and actually I kept wanting to write more. This works out great for me since I am 100% a list person. To remember groceries, I make a list, To remember things that need to get done, I make a list, movies I want to see, I make a list, kids names I like, I make a list, my aspirations, you probably guesses it, compiled in a list. I think you get the point.
Journaling doesn't have to be hard, time consuming, and overbearing. It should be something you look forward too. A place to keep your memories and a place for you to be personal. Without having to worry about what other people think of you. 
With all that said, here is my top ten smile moments of this week so far...

1. The smell of rain. their is something magical about rain in the summer.
2. Driving home and watching fireworks go off all over Utah county. So Pretty!
3. My husband sang along to a Salina Gomez song on the radio the other day. "I love you like a love song baby." I was kind of shocked....
4. Talked to my sister and Madi on the phone today :)
5. Reunited with a friend.
6. Drew portraits of me and the Mr.
7. Thrifting... need I say more?
8. 4th of july picnic at the park with family.
9. Opening my easy store!
10. (for sure the best one) Funny moment of the week:
Me: Andrey do you know where such and such is.
Him: No.
a few minutes later...
Him: Wait, just to clarify what did you ask me?
(he was too busy working on his computer that he wasn't really paying attention to what I asked.)
What I was looking for happened to be RIGHT next to him the whole time.
It's a good moment to re-quote often (for us anyway).

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