b&w camping

we've been camping quite a few times already this summer, and we love it. i wouldn't say we are "hard core" campers, but we have gotten pretty good at setting up our tent fast, don't mind getting dirty and going a few days without showering, and i don't meant to brag, but we are good at cooking hot dogs and s'mores  over the camp fire.
last summer i think we were only able to fit in one camping trip, and it was our goal this year to go camping more since we LoVe it.
and for me camping = taking pictures of nature, which i tend to love, so here i share with you a few of my favorite nature shots my summer thus far and a a picture of dirty, sweaty, camping me aka reality. because let's face it there are days (even when i'm not camping) that i miss out on a shower and have greasy hair that i cover up with a bun or scarf on top of my head and i go out without makeup on. it's just not my reality to be dressed up cute every day and look well put together. although it would be nice...

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