DIY: bandana bow

Here are some of my inspiration pictures for this DIY. I love tying scarfs around my head, but sometimes they slip off, so I have found this DIY to be wonderful (thus why I am sharing it with you)! 

 Okay, so lets get started!

What you'll need
- 1/2 yard of fabric (a light fabric is best)
- scissors
- sewing machine and thread that matches your fabric
-a needle to stitch with
- A thick hair rubber band (preferably one that matches your fabric)
 1. You will need to cut out two pieces of fabric, 8 by 36 inches
 2. Fold your piece of fabric in half, right sides facing each other, sew up both sides and one end. I chose to make my ends as seen below.
 So just to make sure, you should have one end sew shut (ass seen above), and the other end should still be open (as seen below). 
 3. Trim extra fabric off of the triangular.

 4. Turn your fabric right side out.
 5. Now you can choose weather you want to tie the two sewn* ends in a knot (above picture), or a bow(below picture).
 6. Once you are happy with the look of your know or bow, then secure the back of it using your needles and thread.
7. Measure the fabric around your head and trim off any extra fabric from the open un-sewn ends. Then  you are going to take those ends and fold them around the rubber band, and securely hand sew them. Make sure you are sewing on the inside of the headband, so that when you wear the headband you won't be able to see where it has been stitched. 
Here is an example picture in case the explanation was hard to follow. The above picture is of the inside of the headband, and the blew picture is what the outside of the headband should look like.
 And TADA my finished product!
As you can see I did not put my rubber band exactly in the middle of the headband because I wear my bow to the side, so I adjusted the rubber band to my fit. But it is certainly all about personal preference.
 To check out some more headbands smiler to this or to purchase any of these, just click HERE!



  1. I'm so excited you posted this! I love these!

  2. good! i seriously LOVE these headbands, they are so comfortable to wear. and I noticed you pined it on Pinterest :)