DIY: glitter bag

Sorry I am a few days late on posting this DIY. I'm now officially back in school, and life is now 10 times more busy. So wish me luck this semester. And I wish you luck with this DIY (although you won't really need it, it's super easy and fantastic)!
Iv'e had some requests for this particular DIY project. I made these bags a couple months ago and everywhere I go people ask me about it, where I got it, how did I make it, ect. All of my bags I have thrifted and found so cheap. So I'll get on with it, this project is cheep and so easy! 

Here is what you'll need...
-Mod Podge
-fine glitter
-a pen 
-a cheap paint brush
-cut out of whatever shape you want
-conserv-art oil varnish
 1. trace the shape you desire onto your bag
 2. mod podge the area you want to glitter
3. dump the glitter onto the wet mod podge
 4. after letting that layer of mod podge dry then shake off extra glitter and repeat steps 2&3
 5. once again wait for that layer of mod podge to dry, once dry cover glitter with a layer of just mod podge
 6. once your layer of clear mod podge is dry then cover the area with a thin coat of varnish, this will probably have to dry over night
and WA-LA!


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