DIY polka-dot jeans

It's settled I will be doing a DIY graphic sweater coming soon!
This one will have to do in the mean time. I love these pants so much, I want to make another pair.
I promised this tutorial a l-o-n-g time ago, you know back when it was warm enough to go outside with out shoes, jacket, gloves, scarf, and beanie. Welp here it is... to make some pretty darn cute polka-dot jeans!
My inspiration picture (found on Pinterest).

Okay, I don't have any photos for this tutorial, but it is simple enough that you will be fine without them.
What You'll Need:
- an old pair of jeans
- fabric paint in your color of choice (I got the kind that squeezes out of the bottle like puff paint)
-a small paint brush
- white colored pencil or thin white piece of chalk (something that will draw light enough you can see it on your jeans, but will come off in the wash)
-something circular in the size you want your polka-dots

FYI: my polka dots are about half an inch wide, and 2.5 - 3 inches apart.

1. Trace the size circles you want all over your jeans with the white pencil.

2. Squirt some paint inside the circle, then with your paint brush work the paint around the circle evenly completely filling in the circle and making sure the paint is nice and smooth.

3. Repeat on every circle until finished.

4. Wash before you wear so your jeans don't look freshly painted.

5. Wear and enjoy!

 and TADA :)

Apparently I was so excited I couldn't stop jumping around in them. 
WARNING: they might have the same side effect on you...

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