Insta My Life (January)

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January started off great, still being on break from school for a week and I got to go to a Favorite Things party (pictured above with a few other bloggers)! And below you can see the cute valentines banner I got as one of my gifts at the party :)
 I have been craving crepes since before christmas, but we seriously had NO time to go get some, we were crazy busy, so finally I got my crepe, and maybe not only one, but I've made a habit of picking one up after school on Tuesday nights & taking it home to indulge in while I watch the Bachelor. Guilty as charged. Any reason to treat myself and take a break from a l-o-n-g day of school sounds good to me.
Not only has school been super busy the last few weeks, but so has work, which in my world is a blessing. I love my job. I basically get to make art out of people's hair. The above picture features some cool painted wall in the salon.
I probably shouldn't admit to the fact that I'v gotten into watching That 70's Show recently, but this could explain some of my wardrobe choices lately. I really do wish I could have lived in the 70's. 

 Dreaming a little bit about Valentines day, I usually don't care that much about it, but this year I have been looking forward to it.
Want this, @ target. Still trying to decide if I should buy it or not. A valentines day present seems like a legitimate excuse to buy it..... JK
 It's been real cold. No need to be jealous at how awesome I look in this picture.
 And what kind of Instagram using Blogger doing person would I be if I didn't have a picture of my feet. Am i right?
 Shorter or longer hair? Which do you like better?
 My favorite design (sorry this picture quality is so bad, it doesn't do it justice) by THIS GAL! She is my new blogger friend, very talented lady, mother, and also the hostess of the Favorite Things party I mentioned earlier in the post. Check out HER SHOP, you won't be disappointed. I promise!!! 
 Crazy cool colors to do some crazy cool hair!
 Jacket I thrifted while in England a few months ago. The Perfect souvenir!
 What another one??? Yes, so yummy It's making my mouth water as I type. 

Go Get Yourself A Crepe And Have A Fantastic Monday!!!!!!!!


  1. love your thrifted England jacket, big ear muffs, and bachelor tonight! whoop whoop :)

  2. I'll be sure to follow you via instagram! My username is beverlopolis. aaaaand I'll be sure to post my artwork for this semester on to the blog! p.s. I love That 70s Show. Eric is such a cutie.

  3. I love you and all of this and miss you!