Valentine's 2013

Of course today has to be my busiest and longest school day this week, so I don't get to spend it with my Hubby, but the holiday of love isn't about showing love for one day, it's about showing that person you love them constantly. So as sad as it may be that today I'll be spending valentines day at school with a bunch of people I don't know, and taking a philosophy test, we are lucky enough to get a long weekend coming up to spend together, real quality time together, not the 'let's sit here and do homework together' kind, even though I'm sure a little bit of that will be happening too. So let the long school day begin, for no matter where I'm at I'll always love my Andrey and he will always be my valentine. 

Here are some valentines inspired pictures Iv'e collected on Pinterest. (maybe a little less traditional than normal, but this is how my brain works.)

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