Valentines Blogger Party

So let me explain what's going on today her at the blog. Today is our Blogger Valentines Party! I know it sounds fun huh!? So another blogger and I have been matched up to get to know each other and send a fun little gift to each other. 

So meet my new friend BEVERLY!
It has been fun getting to know a little bit about her and checking out her blog. We have A LOT in common. For example, we are both art students studying photography and love to thrift. She also has put together some really cute outfits which are photographed on her blog (the picture of her below is one of my favorite outfit posts). She is a very strong, dedicated and talented woman. I'm very impressed with her and how she handles such a busy life ( especially since her and I are doing a lot of the same things I can understand a little bit of how crazy life  probably is for her). Isn't she lovely!!!
 Plus she gave me the best collection of gifts! (as seen in photos below). Lest start with the card, looks like a polaroid = freaking awesome, definitely hung that beauty up in my house already ;) Then the nail polish, O.P.I is my favorite so I was excited to learn that they have a Sephora line. I had to put it on ASAP after I got it, and it has surprisingly been on my nails for 4 days with out coming off at all, or me picking it off, which if you know me well would surprise you. Okay next, the cute cupcake papers and sticks, umm I love baking so I'm sure those will be used up real quick, plus thanks to my beautiful mother I now have a big jar holding a fun collection of cup cake papers, so those will be a perfect addition. And last but not least, the photo frame and gum... who doesn't love either of those things? I'm a photographer, so basically I can never have enough picture frames.

Thank you Beverly! 
Everything you got me was.... perfect.... I hope the rest of you bloggers enjoy the Valentines Party!!! To see the other bloggers that are a part of the party you can check out more HERE!
To see what I got Beverly you can check it out on her blog here :)


  1. what a fun idea! love your cute gifts :)

  2. Great gifts! This exchange was so much fun! And that color is awesome!!! http://likeordinarylife.com

  3. Yay! This exchange was fun! I'm so glad you like the nail polish. I wasn't sure if I should have given nail polish, cause you never know what colors people already have, but I'm glad I did :)