Sting Ray City

This year for Christmas we when on a cruise with my family, and we were that cute couple for a day who decided to match! haha we really aren't that couple in real life, but since we happened to both have these shirts and had them packed, why not? 

On Christmas day we had an excursion planned with the whole family to go to sting ray city!  sounds exciting right? I already was a little nervous previous the the excursion since I've always had some kind of phobia of the ocean, but I thought to myself if the niece and nephews can do it, so can I. and I did, but not with out getting totally freaked out that the sting rays were surrounding me and literally jumping into my dad's arms saying "Daddy hold me". for reals. no joke. The sting rays got the better of me and turned me into a little girl again who needed her daddy to protect her. 
Even as adults we are never ever completely grown up, their is always more to learn, to experience, to feel, and feeling and being protected is apparently something i'll always need. So thanks dad for coming to my rescue once again and being my hero. 

Most Adoringly,

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