$3 Blue shoes!

Last saturday Andrey and I made time and plans to go to the temple after I was done with work, and before the Relief Society broadcast, unfortunately it was closed, which led Andrey to decide we should go to DI (which is surprising because I am always the one who wants to go and he's not as fond of it), I've been looking for an old wooden desk that I can re-paint for my birthday (still haven't found one) so off we went to DI to see if we could find a desk. No luck on the desk but i did find what I consider to be a lucky find, I am excited about my new $3 shoes.

Oh what simple things can bring us some little bit of joy in our lives, sometimes just for a time, but a blessing still indeed.



  1. I love them! SOooooo... stinking cute. What a deal! And congrats to Andrey for going to DI with you :)