lately I have been hopeful about finding a desk for ME, I convinced my husband it would be a good birthday present for me, and I was thinking also a good project. I wouldn't mind finding something that needed a new coat of paint or two. But so far nothing...

Since I couldn't find any available, I regressed to look at those desks which were unavailable. These are some of the lovely little desks I came across. Nothing to large or fancy, just a place to craft, a corner for Cait, so I don't have to take up the whole kitchen table and push my projects over when it's time to eat.

Someday i'll find a perfect one, till then ill just look at these and think "someday i'll have one of those"...

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  1. Cait I love that you have a blog and I found it! You are so cute I miss you! We need to get together soon!!!