Last friday was a marvelous day. Andrey and I both had school and work off and I was looking forward to that ONE day for weeks! now that it's past im a bit sad, but it was a good day.
First off we got to sleep in, although we didn't really because I think we went to bed at about 9 O' clock, so we got enough to sleep to say the less, took our sweet time in the morning getting ready did a bit of cleaning (side note: we had to clean out our shower drain cause it was clogged, I started and it was so bad I was gagging, Andrey felt bad for me so he took a turn, he had more success than I did, but he too had a gag attack, I never knew cleaning out a drain was so disgusting!), and took our bikes in the shop for a tune up.

I then had the great idea of going to the Sringville antique mall, Andrey found a hostess cupcake to hold him over while i did my thing, but in the end we both came out happy (Andrey with new cuff links, and myself with a thread holder and spools of thread), he even admitted that he liked it more than he thought he would.
Then we enjoyed a well earned lunch of a burger, fry, and shake and proceeded up the canyon to have a nice "walk" (not hike) to the falls. The weather was great and it made me happy, him too.
We were so exhausted from out fun filled day we went and took a nap, then went to the Provo temple. My good friend Maggie and here husband Alex brought over some delicious pizza and we all played scum! I am proud to say I never was scum. And that my dear friends is the good life! (the pictures are a little scattered, but you can piece them together...)


  1. LOVE that cute spool holder you found. Where is this antique place you're talking about? Looks like I need to make a trip :)

  2. sounds like a marvelous day! good for you guys to be able to spend the WHOLE day together!