my 21st

Andrey's BIRTHDAY surprise for me :)
inside ABODE, my favorite little place in SLC. check it out!
I kind of loved this hat, wish I could have gotten it since winter is coming, but I am too frugal and cheap.
a cute lil bird we found in EMILY JAYNE'S!
happy birthday to me with a wonderful husband, and snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 27th 2010, only a week and a half ago I turned twenty-one. Yup, did and i still feel pretty much the same. When my sister got married at the age of eight-teen I told her she was "old and boring", so this year karma came around and I had many people tell me that Im getting old. When my brother called me to tell me Happy Birthday a day late (it's okay Tyler, I did it to Aubrey too this year) he asked, "do you feel any different?" I didn't feel any different, and still don't, in fact I've never really felt different on my birthday (except maybe the big 16 because then it was legal to flirt with boys and go on dates), yet somehow I came to be twenty-one and not even notice.

Twenty-one years and I've been blessed to achieve some spectacular things so far: marry the love of my life, see/ live in other countries (Mexico, Canada, China, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Sweden), finish cosmetology school,& run a marathon. I still have a long way to go, and a whole list of achievements to check off, butt I'd say Im doing pretty good.

so for my birthday I took the day off of school and went to SLC to some of my favorite little shops. And the best news of all I FOUND A DESK!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill post a picture of it soon :)


  1. Cait. You're old. BUT NOT BORING. And at the end of your 2nd to last post you spelled butt. I loved that a lot actually.

  2. :) Happy birthday! I think you are wonderful and you have definitely achieved a lot in your 21 years!

  3. tessa, i don't quite understand your BUTT comment?