2D Design

Today is a day to be happy and go celebrate with an ice cream or something sweet! I Finished my 2D design class, HOORAY! This class was a lot more difficult than expected with a teacher who is, well lets say a harsh critic. I wasn't expecting such a harsh critic for a beginning class, but I guess we just take what we're given in life and make the best of it.
I can most definitely say I did learn a lot and I still have a lot of work and refining in my work to do, and even though Im not expecting to get and A in the class (which tears at my heart string a little bit) I am proud of the work I did, and ironically some of the assignments I got the lowest scores on are my favorites.
Below each work of art I have poster the grade I got. Above each one I'll explain what the assignment and criteria was.

Using lines in and through space (and only black ink) we were to display an emotion. The emotion I chose was anxious/hyper.

Taking the first initial of either your first or last name we were to...
First, design a type font for that letter
and using just than one letter in only one size repeated at least four times to make a deign out of it.
I used the letter R (from my maiden name). Can you see the letter?

We wrote a haiku and using only grey scale and transparency were to create a design to express that haiku.

For this assignment we were to express the same haiku as the previous assignment, but this time in color, and on a grid of squares 3/4 inch.

Using at least one of the seven elements that show space (size, overlapping, vertical positioning, atmospheric prospective, one point perspective, two point perspective, and multi. point perspective) create a design that has an illusion of space.

Using a black and white 8 by 10 photograph cut it up into strips of pieces and re arrange them to make a new composition in which you can no longer tell what the original image was.

Using any letter from the alphabet create texture in a design.
My letter was D.

Take a song and interpret it into a design.
The song I chose is "Prelude to Nintedo" BY: Seve Vs. Evan

So their you have it! That's about me in a nut shell I guess. My work still needs a lot of refining and Im sure I long way to go and a lot more to learn. But Im glad to move onto bigger and better things in the world. I would love to hear form you which ones you liked, and even didn't like, any critiques help!

Just a random side not: since the barefoot run I first posted about I've been on a couple more and an glad to announce that I haven't had any more bloody toes. And Husband told me that if I fit into the kids 5 finger shoes then I can get them instead of waiting until my birthday (October), because the kids one are cheaper. So keep your fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I really love the anxious/hyper one and the D one. Very cool!

  2. I'm really happy that you're blogging again and I love these so much. I can't take the water color class anymore so I'm kind of hoping this 2D class opens up for me. Even though the teacher sounds awfully scary.