Alpine Days Rodeo

Last Friday as we were leaving home so that I could try on some 5 finger shoes Andreys mom called and invited us to the rodeo. Although we didn't wear our "rodeo" attire (which is kind of a bummer) we did go and have a great time. I haven't been to a rodeo since high school, so I was pleased to have been invited.
Oh so I did mention that had gone to try on some 5 finger shoes.... I did, but my feet were too big to fit into the kids ones which means I now have to wait Longer to get them.

The good news is that I didn't spend any money at Craft Lake City on Saturday, so Andrey made a deal with me that I could put that money towards the shoes! That means I most likely won't have to wait till my birthday to get them!

Im just a wee bit obsessed/ excited to start running in them, can you tell?

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  1. That was so fun. :) Could you send me the high-res of that pic of Josh?