pool side

Last month I was blessed to spend a few short days with my niece and nephews. And they were a Blast! I  am sad that time flew by so quickly and now My sister and her family are back in Texas. 
But I loved every minute and I wish I could see more of them.
At least though I live fairly close to two of my nephews and get to see them at least a couple times a month. 
I love my family, in all honesty they are the most important thing in the world to me.
My siblings are raising the most wonderful, fun, and smart kids. I can only hope that someday I can have wonderful kids like they have an become an amazing parent like they are.
The kids and I spent our time...
painting our nails,
playing angry birds and fruit ninja,
going to the park,
and of course me taking pictures of how adorable they are.

Thanks for the amazing time and brightening up my life. 
Love and miss the Coopers already.

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  1. These are the most beautiful pictures! Not to mention they are taken by the most talented gal ever! Thanks for being a great aunt to these kiddos. I sure do love you sister! P.s. we would love to have you in Texas anytime. :)