I often rant and rave about how much I LOVE fall, it is by far my favorite time of the year, and the most perfect weather in my opinion. So I couldn't pass up going on another drive up the canyon to see the beautiful colors! This time we drove up AF canyon... and it was Gorgeous! 
 Husband has been growing more facial hair lately and honestly I don't mind it, I think it makes him look more Russian. It all started when we decided to be Mario and Luigi for Halloween, and now I don't even know if that is going to happen. But yet the facial hair is still growing.
 I kind of have a habit of taking pictures of my feet... 
Black and white stripes maxi dress from Ross, love how comfy it is. I could sleep in it.
 These two photos I like side by side. I think i'll frame them some day.
 Just in case you aren't experiencing beautiful fall right now, this should give you an idea of all the  colors and beauty it is bringing.
 Me and a leaf. A pretty leaf.
I like simplicity.
When I got back in the car after our little walk, I found an unexpected present/ presents stuck to me. I mean really stuck to me, I think they wanted to come home with me, but I just wouldn't have so Husband helped me get them off.
They even were sticking to my skin. Nasty little buggers I tell you.

-note: these pictures were taken a couple weeks ago and I am sad now to report that a lot of the leaves have fallen and I think the rest of fall will be short lived.


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