My Husband

Andrey Scott Pearce (Andrey Sergayavich Nasibulinich)

I was rummaging in Husbands desk last week looking for some notecards when I came across his old passport from when he was adopted and came to America, and this is the cute picture I found in it.

I think this picture it SO ADORABLE I keep getting it out and looking at it. Wasn't he just the cutest kid? I think so, and I often tell him that I hope our kids look Just-Like-Him. I'm proud of the man he has become through a childhood that was a lot harder than mine ever was. He amazes me every day. 

Today he told me he overheard a man saying an unkind thing about his wife to his friend. I am lucky to have a husband who won't complain about me to his friends and who takes care of me. 
Love you Honey.


  1. cute post, good thing we married nice guys

  2. Oh, my sweet baby brother. I love that face. Um so proud of him, too!

  3. You did marry a keeper- that's for sure! :) And what a cutie pie he was as a child. Holy cow. You both will have some beautiful children... someday. (But I already knew that before I saw Andrey's childhood picture.) Love you guys!

  4. that's the andy I met in 5th grade! he used to read us his journal in russian and we all thought it was THE.COOLEST.THING.EVER.