I'm Back

Okay, so here is my life as of the last week or so. I went to Texas, I loved being with my sister and her beautiful family. I will be plastering my blog with pictures of her kids soon, and some more pictures from  some of the amazing antique stores I when to with my mom. Below are a few pictures from our antique shopping and of course I brought home a couple treasures form those fun stores, I had to, I just couldn't help myself.
Near the end of my trip I wasn't feeling so well, and so as soon as I stepped off of the airplane and back into Utah land I headed to the doctors to get some medicine to help with my (what seems to be) strep throat. And since then Iv'e spent the last few days trying to get over strep. Today I am feeling much better, and my throat doesn't even hurt when I swallow! It is a blessing to have good health, oh how I hate being sick.                         
My mother is so beautiful and amazing. I loved spending the week with her and my sister. 
*Thanks mom for the fun trip. I Love You.
At one of the antique stores they had a collection of some sweet vintage radios.
And this store was the last one we went to, and our personal favorite :) I bought a small white owl to add to our home decor, and a round display shelf I'm going to use for a boutique I'll be participating in soon. Which leads me to my good news this month!!!...

Iv'e been chosen to be a vendor at the Beehive Bazaar !
To check out what I'll be selling and all of the other amazing vendors check out the link!
The show will be in the beginning of May. I'll keep you updated with more info.

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