This would be my sisters 2nd child. The one with the an amazing imagination. Sometimes I would be sitting right next to him and he would  be playing with a toy, talking about who knows what in his own little world.
He was the first one I got a hug from when I arrived at his house, and he sure liked having me around, which made me the luckiest aunt alive. 
He even has a huge interest in playing with my camera try-pod. Many times I would go into the guest bedroom to find him secretly playing with my tri-pod, maybe he'll too be a photographer someday.
We would often take mini naps or "rest" together on the blow up mattress, I'm not sure why, but the kids loved the blow up mattress, I think they thought it as a trampoline. 
He's pretty cute when he snuggles up to you and randomly tells he loves you, or thanks you for something out of the blue, and I miss it.

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