Madison, the oldest grandchild to my parents, and the only niece. Everyone says that she is just like me, lucky me, I take it as a compliment. 
Lucky her, she just got her own room which is now painted pink and my mom decorated it all cute like a true princess room for her while we were there.
We got to color pictures together, and every now and then she would bring me a picture or something she made  for me, and me being the setimental person that I am kept them and taped them in my journal.
We had fun playing Barbie games on the computer, I must confess I even played some by myself :) (I am still a child at heart). 
Ooh and she even talked me into drawing a couple pictures for her, I think people say she is like me because she is artsy, and that is my kind of girl. I must say she is a very talented drawer herself
And OH can she pack in the popcorn, we got to go see The Lorax with them and she must have eaten at least 4 or 5 bowls of popcorn by herself (she didn't get that from me).
Love you MADS.

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