This cute little man is my sisters (Aubrey) youngest child, Grant. The cute little blonde boy who happens to resemble my brother Devon as a child. 
He makes me smile, and i bet if you could just spend a few minutes around him, he would make you smile too.
He is a happy kid, who laughs and giggles at the darndest things. 
He likes to wrestle with his dad and he eats lots and lots of food, and if you get the lucky seat, which is sitting on the right of him at the dinner table he will share his food with you. And for a week, I got to be the lucky one. I wouldn't just eat any slobbered on noodles from a kid, but since he offered it to me I couldn't let him down.
He has the most beautiful blue eyes.
He loved to always have his blue fuzzy blanket with him, and he was good enough to put up with me taking pictures of him all week long.
So thanks Grant, and I miss your smiles already.

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