City Creek Mall

I know I'm a little behind the times on this, but a couple weeks ago I finally made it to Salt Lake to check out the new city creek mall. And these two lovely ladies below are my Mother and Grandmother who I got to spend the day with!
 Isn't my mother amazing in her black and white striped sunglasses?! 
 I thought this Tiffany's display was pretty rad. 

 Mom and me in Tiffany's. 
Grandma and I had a fun time looking at all the beautiful things and picking out what we would buy if we could afford it, while my mom got to pick out a bracelet for mothers day. She picked a simple chunky silver chain with the round charm on it.
 I just love gap adds. The simplicity and colors make me smile.
Only the most deliciouse cheese cake ever at cheese cake factory. I don't remember the flavor exactly, I want to say mango and lime? mango and something...

Anyways most of you around here have probably already experienced the City Creek mall. But definitely an amazing place. Didn't spare any expense, that's for sure.

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