The Outcome

A big thanks to everyone who came to support us artists! I always get inspired when I see other artists works, it's exciting for me. I was pleasantly suprised everything went so well (this being the first time I've participated in the Beehive Bazaar), and hope I get to participate in it again!
For those of you who weren't able to come I'll share a bit of the excitement with you through pictures!
This is me (obviously) and my booth set up. 
 Below were a couple of my favorite vendors because their were so unique and different.
 It may be hard to tell, but those bottles are terrariums with plastic plans and little plastic animals. I couldn't resist and we purchased one for our home!
 I love all of the bright colors and she used and what a great imagination she must have to make such fun stuff :)
And of course I have to share with you my fun finds and purchases from the Bazaar, so below are the few things I purchased!

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