color vs. b&w

It may because most of me likes vintage things that I also prefer black and white photographs, for the most part at least. It just keeps things simple and beautiful. Nothing to get distracted by or make a photo complicated. Don't worry I don't force black and white photo loving upon anyone, you are of course in titled to your own opinion.
A couple weeks ago I took Bridals for  THIS LOVELY LADY and let's just say we probably had more fun than most people do taking bridal picture. and you'll see why when I post the pictures. The dress is still a surprise from her man so I can't post them quite yet.... but next week! I was just thinking about hoe excited I am to share those photos, and also for her to tie the knot!
So far my day today has consisted of these things.

1. watching "men tell all" bachelorette episode that I missed last night
2. Making a few cute pillows (i'll share photos soon!)
3. folding laundry
4. recreating a skirt similar to THIS, but not a pencil skirt
5. eating cheez-its
6. loading and unloading the dishwasher
7. now waiting for hubby to come home from work (we are on opposite work schedules right now)

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