embrace the difference

It is unfortunate that I don't know who the artist is of this beautiful photo, (found it on pinterest) but I love it and it makes my heart happy.

Today has been an odd and out of the ordinary day. I have had some not so common personal thoughts and feelings, these have been brought up by the realization that sometimes people can be so different from each  other. Sometimes people don't respect your thoughts and opinions. I am one of those people who dislike confrontation, I mean I highly dislike it. So I'm going to ignore it for now and just say that I respect everyones different opinions, but I too am entitled to my mine, which probably have been brought up by a different life than yours. 
And isn't it kind of wonderful how different we all are. Even those who I connect with and feel close to are different from me. Our weird and quirky-ness makes us amazing. The beauty of us all is that we are different. different faces, feelings, emotions, thoughts, likes, dislikes, wants, needs, styles, opinions, and we are all living different lives. so embrace it. 

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