Day 3 or something

Since I lost track of when I took what pictures, I'm not sure what day this was of our trip, but it definitely was one of my favorite times with Miss Madison. She is just like me, in so many ways. Miss Madison and I are always interested in what the other has been doing lately and we show each other some of the pictures we draw. Unfortunately I haven't been drawing much lately since photography has kind of taken over my art side a little bit. We just sat down one day and started doodling. We made it a team effort, I drew, she colored (it's a win win situation). And even though we weren't caring about weather it looked good or not, we had fun, and I liked the way they turned out. Our favorite one is the one that she's holding in the first picture. When she was coloring this one she said "Aunt Cait what color should her hair be?" my answer of course..... "PINK", she was surprised by my answer and giggled a little, but it ended up being our favorite one! Love my Little Miss Madison...

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