DIY graphic sweater

Remember about a month ago when I asked you a super important question on this post...?
The verdict was that a tutorial on how to paint your own graphic sweater is much needed. 
So let's get started!

What you'll need:
~paint brush
~sweater or t-shirt to paint
~fabric paint
~design you want to put on your shirt
~pen to trace design on your shirt (I used a sharpie that was the same color of my paint)

Okay now,
 make sure you have a design in mind that you want to do. I used a stencil this time, but for the other ones I cut the shape out of paper and traced it on the sweater.  
These are the three designs I've done thus far...

How To:
1. trace your design on shirt
2. paint in design using fabric paint and paint brush
3. you may need to do a second coat, only if you feel it's needed. I did on the heart and deer head, but not the squares.
4. let sit over night
and..... WALA!
A perfect way to spruce up an old sweater :)

I would love to see what you come up with. e-mail me some pictures at caitlynrenshaw@gmail.com :)



  1. Ah I really want to try this!! I love the deer one!
    I'm your newest follower!


    1. oh yay! if you try this tutorial send me a pic! I would love to see what you do. did I talk to you via instagram once about cutting your bangs???