Angela & Ithyle

These are two of the most inspiring people I have ever met. And that's saying something, because the only time I have ever spent with them was in a room of a couple hundred people listening to them talk for an hour. They came to UVU to talk to us art students and basically gave us some tips and inspired us. Definitely my favorite lecture class so far. So thank you Angela and Ithyle. After leaving their class and came home to make a project, which I will share and explain more about in my next post. They also gave us a fun challenge/assignment to do, which I definitely took them up on, so be prepared to have a Angela and Ithyle inspired week. And if all goes well then I hope you will be inspired too!

 If you can't wait till my next post and want to be inspired right-this-minute then check out their work HERE! I promise you, look through their photos, watch their videos, and you will be AMAZED!

Here are a few of my favorites of their work!

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