A & I part two

In my last post I talked about how amazing Angela & Ithyle are. So here's why.
To start off they are both photographers, and they are married to each other, which to me basically seems like one big creative fun fest all the time. They work together and live in L.A. And the most of what I know about them is that they are inspiring. They made me want to be a better more successful artist and gave some great tips on being confident in yourself, specifically to artists, but all of these tips really are for EvErYoNe! 

After leaving the auditorium that night and feeling so great about myself and what I want to be I thought, "I don't want to loose this feeling", I always want to be inspired, so the best way I thought to help me was to hang up a list or a sign of these wonderful tips so that when I felt discouraged I can quickly have them their to remind me and help me feel great again :) So I chose 7 of them (7 is my lucky #, so I just had to do it). And I had to make it creative like too, because I was feeling all artsy.

So I made my own polaroid-look-alike photos from photos out of an Anthropology magazine, because those inspire me, and on each one I wrote a "tip". And hung it up in front of my desk, so that I will see it often, and if im working on a project at my desk and get frustrated, when I look up I can read them, take a deep breath and try again.

Here are the 7 tips ( in no specific order).
1.Don't Be Afraid To Fail (we all do at one time or another, but failures are how we learn, and what make us better in the end)
2. Do not get caught up with how much money you DON'T have.
3.Do not tell yourself that you can't.
4. Do your Own work for your Own Self (do what you do because you love it, not because someone else loves it)
5. Take Yourself Seriously (but not too seriously)
6. Don't Compare (your work or yourself to others)
7. Practice Makes Better. (no one will ever be perfect, but we can always be better)

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  1. These are some awesome tips! Thanks so much for sharing! I love number 7, too true.