Pink Cats

I've always known myself to be a person who grows and changes and evolves. I think everyone is that way, but lately I have been caught off guard by catching myself liking somethings I never have before, or swore I never would. Let me share a couple examples for you. 

Exhibit A: CATS... 
Iv'e NEVER liked cats, sorry all you cat lovers. I've never wanted a cat, and still don't just to clarify, although my husband is a cat lover and wants one, I think it's a Russian thing. Anyways staying on topic, even pictures of cat's don't give me a warm fuzzy feeling, except for this one. This is the only cat "thing" iv'e ever liked, and I like it so much I want to hang it in my house. I mean come on look at it. it's AMAZING, and cute. I hope this is as far as my cat liking goes. I wan't it to stop right here.
Exhibit B: PINK...
Never can I remember a time where I have really liked the color pink. Sure it's fine here and there to get a pink shirt, and once at a restaurant my noodles were pink, and that actually was pretty cool, but besides the point. My first cell phone was pink, my sweet mom ordered it for me and it was a razor, which was cool at the time, but it was pink, if it were up to me I would have chosen just grey. I'm semi boring because  like to wear neutral colors a lot, but my point is that never before in my life have I been drawn to this color... PINK. and now I want to put it all over my head. Yes it's true the crazy train has come around once again and I have hoped back on it, wanting to color my hair a light pastel pink. I'm not jumping the gun yet, but watch out, coming this summer I might be the talk of this town. 

thoughts about pink hair anyone? should I do it, or should I not? 


  1. Two things I love. Haha
    I've always wanted pastel pink hair!

  2. Ah pink hair. Do it! Blondes have more fun with hair dye! I've always been jealous of people with light hair for this very reason.