Did another lovely color on Amy.

                                                                                   Got my draw on while bored in class. 

Enjoying and maybe being slightly overwhelmed with our new calling in the nursery. Plus I started a new Jewelry line, look out for it! I'll be featured on Brickyard Buffalo later this month.
Feeling like I belong in the movie, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
Some black and whites I took last summer.
Olivia being a good sport at a blizzard of a funeral, and VALENTINES with my love. We met up for lunch and he was awaiting my in the parking lot with a rose, that cutie ;)
I did a little re-decorating in our kitchen, say hello to this little guy! And mom turnes another year older,   I'm so lucky to have the best mom in the world!

And of course it wouldn't be a normal month without some late nights and long days of school. Luckily this week I'm on spring break! I wish it could be more of a party, but I'm afraid I have to finish my 12 page research paper and I have another 5 page paper to write, plus a power point presentation to assemble. How fun!.... I'm 4 pages down on the 12 pager so far, so at least I'm getting somewhere with it. I'll be jumping up and down when that paper is done, and the final draft is turned in.


  1. Oh gosh, I wanna see a huge page of those mushrooms you doodled! It would look so very awesome. And oh man, nursery! I've never been called to nursery, but yes, it does sound overwhelming. good luck! Also, good luck with your homework. Spring break is the WORST, right? All the teachers decide that you need homework instead of a vacation. Those jerks....

  2. beautiful photos!! :D And to answer your question- I am not selling the bubble wands. :/ but you can get them from: http://onestyling.com/ and I totally forgot to mention this in my blog post, but if you use the coupon code 'beautysnoop' to get 35% off anything on the site.

  3. I would just do this via email, but I can't see your email anywhere.
    So good thing megan realized you were asking her about the salon! haha! she answered in another comment on my blog. :)