Alan & Crystal Engagements

Although I don't know when summer "officially" starts, I'm going to claim it starts now. I'm all finished with my busy school semester and I'm glad those finals are over with now. I am taking one class this summer, but it's a documentary photography class, so I'm happy to take it and jump back into photo taking with all this warm weather that better be coming my way. 
And to start off my break I got to shoot an engagement session last weekend. We had some good laughs during the shoot, and while looking through the photos and trying to pick the ones I'm going to edit I still got some good laughs remembering funny things that happened during the shoot. So thanks Alan and Crystal for putting a smile on my face (and I'm still a little bit creeped out by the one eyed horse we encountered). 
With that said here are a few sneak peaks of whats to come!

Most Adoringly,


  1. Oh, these are great. I love the first one with the horses. Also? I hope you have tons of fun with your documentary photo class this summer! That class would be right up my alley. Let me take it with you! My photo project this semester is all about that. I'll post the photos after my show on Friday!

  2. oh my! cutest couple ever! great photos!