insta my life - April

A new month means a insta-review of the last one. So... Happy May Everyone! I hoped May would bring us warm weather, but I was let down yesterday when we had some little snow flurries. Lame. I feel like this winter was extra cold and is lasting extra long. Any one else feel this way too?

 ^ enjoying the art that surrounds my desk 

 ^ the hubby and i enjoying a lunch date and hit up some pawn shops. he likes pawn shops, and i like thrifting, we make quite the pair.
 ^ got to make some awesome rainbow hair at work. just one more reason my job is awesome :)
 ^ spotted honest abe while out for  jog.
 ^ lunch dates with good people
 ^ some earrings from my shop and sprucing up my new planner. i've decided life gets too busy and i can never keep track of everything, so im going back to the good old fashioned writing it all on paper.
 ^ that one time I had a stomach ache for like 4 days and could hardly eat solid foods. SO glad that's over with, and never did find out what the problem was.
 ^ feeling like lady gaga
 ^ realizing that selfies in the bathroom aren't flattering, but convenient.
 ^ that time when i didn't change into grubby clothes before sanding. woops.
^ & of course more selfies, i had to see what i looked like in the glasses. 

The End...
Most Adoringly,

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