So I've mentioned a few times that I am taking a documentary photography class right now. For one of my projects I decided I wanted to learn more about diabetes. Within this last year my mother was diagnosed with type two diabetes, which had basically completely changed her diet. When I think about her and how amazing she has done with controlling her diet and blood sugar level and basically reversing her diabetes as long as she eats right it amazes me. I don't have that kind of will power to say the least.
So this experience has sent me out on a journey to learn more about diabetes and talk to some amazing people. I have already learned so much from Tiffany, her niece and her sister.

Tiffany, who is now twenty-five years old was diagnosed with type two diabetes when she was two years old. Her mom noticed the signes when her little girl was begging to drink more water constantly. Tiffany shared with me that for  a while in her life she struggled to maintain her blood sugar level, basically out of denial. A couple years after graduating from high school she had diabetic retinopathy (which is what causes those with diabetes to go blind) and had to have surgery, although it didn't impair her vision this experience and being an expecting mother a few years later, is what made her realize that she needed to take better care of herself and maintain her diabetes. She now wears an insulin pump to help her to maintain healthy and to make sure she takes her insulin when needed. If she were here right now she would tell you that diabetes affect EVERY aspect of your life. Tiffany is a mother, wife, dancer, and cosmetologist. 
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  1. ah tiffany is gorgeous! i had no idea she had a type of diabetes! she is amazing!

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