A few weeks ago I was walking down center street on my way to shoot Drew Danburry's Barber shop when I hear someone calling for me "hey girl with the pink hair". It ended up that this girl designed her own clothing and jewelry and was looking for a photographer for a shoot she had set up. I thought it would be fun and a good experience to go shoot with her, and the fact that she was wearing green glitter lipstick and her name is Thistle intrigued me. Turns out she is starting a web site to sell her clothing items on, thus the reason for the shoot. 
It ended up being a pretty fun shoot and I got to meet some people I might have never met otherwise. So here are my favorite takes from the shoot. 
^Eric and Annie. Eric is Thistle's husband and Annie was our model!
^ check out those earrings, made out of goats teeth!
^Thistle hand sews all of the jewelry and clothing that she makes, which gives them a very unique and kind of a bohemian feel.
 ^ Here she is Thistle herself :) 

Which one is your fave?

-Most Adoringly-

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  1. I LOVE the second one and the second to last photos. THey turned out awesome! Great job :)