Best $30 EVER spent

 I think I might have just hit the Jackpot yesterday  and it very well could be the BEST $30 I have EVER spent thrifting. And that's saying something, because I love thrifting :) So anyways I couldn't resist but to share with you my finds. And for once in my life I wish it was winter time so I could actually wear these! 
 ^ First I saw this beauty, tried it on, fell in love, and looked at the price tag. Whats your guess for how much this beauty cost???? and do you think it's too big for me? It fits really big, but I can't tell if it's suppose to be that way or not, I'm leaning more toward it is suppose to be that way, plus I fell in love with is, so I can't sell it quite yet. And how could I have resisted with the scalloped fur on the sleeves....? Okay I'll tell you how much it was now. Hold your breath... $6.99. I practically stole it from them for that price. 
 ^ Then after finding the fur beauty I found this and thought.... could it be? two awesome finds in the same place at the same time. I was ecstatic and for the fun of it kept looking...
^ Then it happened. I died and when to heaven. I found this third pink (yes mom, pink, in know) coat and was so excited that it kind of felt like I was being set up to be Punk'd. turns out it wasn't too good to be true. I was so excited I wanted to run to the dressingroom I kept my cool and walked instead. They all fit and I was out of their only about 5-10 minutes after walking into the thrift store (which I usually spend lots of time in looking around to find my treasures). So there you have it $30 later and I am now set for winter. 
 ^ And just for the fun of it I wanted to share my two other thrifted coat favorites. This one I have actually never worn out, I've never had a fancy enough occasion to, sad huh....
^ And I am pretty sure this one was made just for me because it fits me SO perfectly, and when I was trying it on in the isle of the thrift store people were convincing me to buy it because they said "it lookes so good on you" & "it fits you perfectly" and so it happened that it had to be mine.

*SPECIAL NOTE: all of these jackets (and an awesome mustard yellow one that is not pictures in this post) were thrifted from the same store over a period of four years *

and so I think I might have learned my lesson that it's good to thrift for winter clothes in the summer and summer clothes in the winter? any one else feel this way?
okay I think I'm done with my rant now. Sorry to do a winter jackets post in summer, but I-am-just-so-dang-thrilled-about-them!

Most Adoringly, Caitlyn

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