just make up your mind already

I don't know if it has been getting worse, or if iv'e always been this way, but as of late I feel like my indecisiveness is becoming my own worst enemy. If you ask me where we should go eat I'll most likely NOT have an answer for you, so you would be better off just to tell me where we are going to eat and I'll meet you there.
Iv'e always loved to do so many different things, as far as my interests go, and most of them could be considered "artistic" or "crafty". Lets take a walk down memory lane and go to my senior year of high school. All my friends were applying to colleges and talking about what they wanted to study in college. Me, well I never thought about where I wanted to go or what I wanted to be except it would have something to do with "art".
 I eventually decided I had an interest in cosmetology, and pursued/still am pusueing that career. Then after a while I started a little side business of my...well... "stuff". headbands, jewelry, paintings, ect. ect. you get the picture. And then of course as if I didn't have enough hobbies in 2010 I finally started college for photography.
So  now three years later this is where I am at... half way through school, with three of my own little jobs I've created for myself. Hair, Most Adoringly (my art and jewelry company), and photography. So when people ask me "how is business going?" I say "which one?" you see my problem?
I can't decide what to do with my life.
I am to indecisive to just pick one, even though sometimes doing all three can get a little hectic.
In a dream world I would have my own vintage clothing and decor store and none of this would have to boggle my mind. But since we live in this thing called reality and money doesn't grow on trees I suppose I'll just carry on until something happens that makes up my mind for me.

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