This Week Thrifts

For a while now I have been thinking of  doing some posts called "this week thrifts", since I basically am a thriftaholic  (to say the least). So what better time to start than after a great day of garage sale-ing with a friend :) And might I add that I am sold on garage sales, it's even cheaper than DI (our local thrift stores). Plus our fist purchase was for our husbands (the weights), aren't we just the nice-est??? 
^^^ Here is my loot! ^^^
Weights: $1
Apple Crates: $5 each
Glass Jars: 25 cents each
Little Animal Friends: 15 for $1
70's Alarm Clock: 25 cents
Vintage Ornament: 25 cents
Total: $13.25

Now. Meet Sarah. In case you have never seen her before, she is the beautiful mastermind of THIS blog : )
 ^^^ Sarah's loot! ^^^
 Weights: $1
Floral Shelf: $1
Floral Shirt: 50 cents
Doll: $1
70's Alarm Clock: 25 cents
Flower Embroidery: 25 cents
Alphabet Label: 25 cents
Pillow Case: 25 cents
File Box: $1
Sarah's total: $5.50

Seems like I was the big spender today. I can't wait to do this again, and hopefully soon. Anyone else want to join us on a thrifting adventure?

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  1. Such awesome finds! I love love love the alarm clock. And how cool, you're friends with Sarah :) I've been following her blog for quite some time.