why blog?

The other day at work I had a mini heart to heart with a friend about blogging. Ever had a heart to heart about blogging? well I hadn't before now... but actually it has been on my mind lately so the timing was good to talk about it with someone who's feelings seem similar to mine. Said friend was sitting in my chair and I was touching up her color, I asked her about blogging and then we started talking about how basically we haven't been as excited about blogging lately, some of our reasons might be different, but I think the ultimate goal of why we want to blog is the same. We like that blogging gives us an outlet to share our creativity, but sometimes hold back on sharing or talking about some things because of who might read it or what people might think. 
So out of curiosity I ask you this... Why blog? Why did you start blogging? Has your reason for blogging changed since you started? Do you ever feel you blog because of/ or for other people and not yourself?
So with that said, and since thinking about my reasons for blogging a little more today I decided that really my purpose for it is basically to have a digital journal, mostly for myself, but if any of you would like to join me along in this journey we call life then go ahead... don't be afraid to stay a while ;) and what a great thing it would be to make new fiends in the process.
That's all. That's my rant for the day. Thanks for reading and hanging in their if you've made it this far :)

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  1. So glad you blogged about this! I'm still undecided from our conversation but I think I'm reaching the same conclusion, I want my blog to be my journal and to not feel like I can't say certain things when I really need to. I think big cha cha cha changes are a comin' :)